The world must know that

They want to corrupt your child
with transexual garbage.

It is time to fight back with truth!

B is for Binary is an amazing alphabet book with colorful illustrations and easy-to-learn poems for each letter of the Alphabet. This Christian ABC book teaches the Alphabet in a way that celebrates the truth of the binary genders that God created. From A is for Adam to Z is for Zeboim, this is a resource for all ages.

"... beautifully illustrated and uses the genre of poetry to creatively present Biblical truths about gender that every parent and child should know..."
Loretta Richards

Hi, I'm Shefflorn

I am a Christian of the Thusia Seventh Day Adventist faith.

I live to speak the truth and fight errors on all fronts. My first book was Immortality, Death and the Hereafter - a detailed Biblical case on the non-immortality of the soul. My most popular book is No Dress for Timmy, an Amazon banned bestseller -a beautifully illustrated children book with a strong story against the current transgender push. 

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Also by Shefflorn Ballantyne

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